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Weddings In Northern Colorado, Denver and Beyond

PURE ENERGY EVENTS believes that a wedding is one of the most important formal engagements and requires a great deal of attention, focus & dedicated time to help plan and organize all of the specific details to your wedding.  Everything from the music, timeline, activities, special songs and requests as well as the technical equipment logistics.  We put in over 40 hours of preparations prior to your wedding day!  On the day of your wedding, we strive for perfection.

Presentation + Production + Performance = PERFECTION!

PRESENTATION:  We show up to your wedding with superior looking & sounding DJ equipment; Take extra time to carefully set up our system and the use of our special event lighting, DJ table & speaker placement to compliment your venue space, table linens & theme colors.  We want our super clean DJ set up to look just as good as everything else in your wedding.

PRODUCTION:  Much of our value as award winning wedding DJs are not just about what we play, but also what we do behind the scenes during your wedding reception and ceremony.  Before your first song is ever played, we spend over 40 hours of pre-planning (schedule, music, activities, details, etc).  On the day of your event, we assist with coordination and communication, working directly with your venue, catering staff, photographer & other important vendors to assure a flawless schedule.  If we don’t get this right, nothing else will matter!

PERFORMANCE:  After the introductions, toasts, 1st dances & cake cuttings, its party time!  This is where we showcase our Award winning DJ Talent!  It’s all about the proper music mix to set the vibe, get the momentum going and keep the energy & party spirt high, providing the ultimate wedding experience.

PERFECTION:  We only get one chance at making your wedding reception right.  There is no “Do Over”.  If all of the above is done to plan, then everything should flow seamlessly and smoothly and make for a perfect and unforgettable wedding experience.  This is our ultimate goal in providing you with exceptional wedding DJ service.


  • 4 hours of DJ service (cocktails, dinner & dancing)
  • Wireless mic for introductions, toasts & announcements
  • Sound & Dance Lighting system
  • Unlimited song requests (before & during reception)
  • Pre-Wedding consultation with your DJ
  • Event planning assistance (timeline, activities, music)
  • Unlimited wedding phone support with our office


  • (1) self powered speaker on tripod stand
  • (2) wireless handheld mics (with 9v batteries)
  • (2) mic stands (with wireless mic clips)
  • (2) wireless lavalier mics (alternate option)
  • (1) 8ch P.A. Audio mixer
  • (1) CD player & pre-recorded music (of client choosing)
  • (1) Table with cover
  • (1) tech to deliver, set-up, operate & strike
  • (1) complete hour of service (guest seating, precessional, ceremony & recessional)

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